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Fully Automatic Beans To Cup Vending Machine
Nuova Simonelli Prontobar embodies the excitement of espresso in a case as fine as any Italian suit. Perfect espresso shots at the touch of a button ? Yes please! This high end professional machine will deliver quality and consistency with head-turning style. Up to 140 espressos per hour, this is a compact super automatic that can get the job done.

Features & Functionality of the Nuvoa Simonelli prontobar

Double Boiler: With two stainless steel boilers you'll get a faster turn around time to brew and steam drinks, produce more drinks quicker and avoid the build up of a line out your door
Grinders Galore : Dual grinders and a decal bypass chute provide flexibility to custom tailor espresso drinks to your customer
Steamy : Prontobar has a steam wand with removable frother and a dedicated hot water spigot. So much in such a small package!

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